Australian Laws Every Business Owner Should Understand Before Entering Litigation


What is acceptable and what isn’t? Understanding the laws that Australia has put out concerning businesses is important. Before you entering litigation, every business owner should keep in mind of how the laws work. In fact some litigation lawyers in the Melbourne area would encourage swift action when dealing with litigation, especially if it’s against you.



When Do You Need Commercial Litigation Lawyers Melbourne?


The first question to ask is do you need to deal with a commercial law firm in Melbourne? If you are a running a business, then it’s vital to have a  litigation lawyer on your side. As you run an Australian business, there are a variety of laws that concern businesses. From intellectual property to financial reporting laws, a litigation lawyer can assist in bringing awareness of these laws.

Furthermore, they can fight in court for you concerning business agreements like loans, building agreements, franchise agreements, to general concerns revolving around your business or someone else’s.

Having a commercial law firm that you can go to is helpful. As an entrepreneur or a business, it’s clear that you can’t always wear every single hat. Having a litigation lawyer, therefore, can assist immensely.

Litigation Lawyer Melbourne Can Help You But There Are Things You Should Understand Yourself

A litigation lawyer can tell you all about them, but business rights and protections are all publicly available as well. Regardless of if you are relying on a litigation lawyer to deal with legal problems, it’s important to know at least these rights and protections.

Did you know that your business will be considered a consumer and entitled to remedies if a product or service goes wrong? You can get repairs, a replacement, or a refund as long as the goods and services involved aren’t being used specifically for a business product or service to be resold to a consumer. For example, buying a company printer can warrant this right if for whatever reason it broke down.


Are You Aware Of The Fines And Penalties As Your Commercial Law Firms Melbourne?

Regardless of if you are guilty or not, it doesn’t hurt to be aware of the fines and penalties involved before entering litigation. Being fully aware of the situation can help immensely for both the Melbourne commercial law firm, and the Melbourne litigation lawyer working your case.

The first thing to be aware of is two definitions: fines and pecuniary penalties. Fines are simply imposed by courts in criminal proceedings. The pecuniary penalties are both fined and collected by the civil courts. What determines the appropriate fine or level of penalty, hinges on the ‘penalty units’ set out in Crimes Act 1914. However, to get a figure, in July 2017, the courts value a penalty unit at $210. This is for Commonwealth criminal offenses.commercial-lawyers-melbourne

As much as you can rely on a litigation lawyer to help you, it’s also your responsibility to understand the situation. When you are an informed client entering litigation, it saves time and lawyer fees explaining the process and what these important but small details do. Should you be entering litigation or feel like you will be entering litigation, brushing up on the basics can help.

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