Who To Go To For Advice When You’re Being Mistreated At Work – In Victoria, Australia


Workplace bullying has been and will always be an issue in the workplace. But one of the biggest problems is people don’t know where to turn to. In some cases the behaviour is warranted like a transfer, demotion, firing, as long as it’s within reason. But for other cases, it’s not always so black and white. Here are some resources to consider.


Understanding Your Rights By Finding Employment Solicitor

As a worker, you have rights for how you conduct work and how you should be treated. To determine if you are being bullied and it’s grounds for misconduct, check to see what rights you have. Here is a helpful site that can tell you your rights. Click on the territory you are working in and follow the prompts on the screen to figure your rights.


Getting Business Lawyers Melbourne

With your rights in mind, the next thing to consider is a business lawyer in Melbourne. This is an extreme case, however if the bullying has been consistent and is getting worse, this can be an option. All you need to do is have the dates and times, who was involved and a witness. Of course getting video footage or a recording can help immensely.

Another alternative would be hiring an employment law specialist (also known as employment solicitors) who is used to a variety of laws pertaining to unfair work arrangements, misconducts, and discrimination.


File Reports With The Help Of Litigation Lawyers Melbourne

A softer method would be to file reports with various companies or government departments.

In cases where your work conditions are put into question, you can file reports with WorkSafe. They will take the time to investigate the workplace. Also if you were injured from bullying or from the work itself, you could get workers compensation if you file within 30 days of the injury.

Another place to consider filing a report in if the bullying continues is the Fair Work Commission. This type of application only works for workers in a constitutionally-covered business and the bullying is to the point where it’s affecting the health and safety of the worker.

Some other places for advice is from a company called JobWatch. That being said, if even after all these efforts the bullying continues, Australia does see bullying as a crime and you can go to court for it. From there it’s finding a business lawyer or a employment solicitor.



You can have a business lawyer, an employment solicitor, and various companies involved if you like. But one other alternative is turning to your union. If you are unionized worker, you can request advice from a union worker through the Workers hotline (1 300 486 466).

Bullying Isn’t Right

Bullying, discrimination, and harassment under any circumstance isn’t right and we should put effort into stopping it. If this has only started in your life, take the time to use those resources. But only pursue legal action with a business lawyer or employment solicitor in tow if the bullying hasn’t stopped. Only use that as a last resort.

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